Thursday, May 20, 2004

As per Josh's request.

The 411 on Alexandra Kerry's film. I think you have to pay to view that link (I hate the LA Times), so I'll clip the text:

And then there was Alexandra Kerry.

The young aspiring director, daughter of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, spent her days here running from one interview to another, trapped in a bizarre dance between what the media desired and the message she wanted to impart. She seemed perplexed and embarrassed by the media attention but hoped that the press would nevertheless want to cover her movie — a 12-minute short film about a young girl whose father returns from Vietnam.

"The Last Full Measure" was one of more than 100 works in the festival's Short Film Corner (her film was rejected for the competition). Yet she was the only director of a short film to be featured in the American Pavilion's news conference. In fact, Pavilion organizers said it was the first time a director of a short was featured in such a conference.

When asked why he was attending the news conference, Italian journalist Antonello Catacchio said: "It's the daughter of the possible president of the U.S. — well at least I hope he is because ... I don't like Bush."

What about her short film? "It's not unforgettable. But it's a simple story," he said, shrugging.

Being a presidential hopeful's daughter has been an adjustment — especially in the fish bowl media blitz of Cannes.

Kerry's publicist tried mightily to control the beast, including tape recording interviews with journalists, editing out the American Pavilion's printed description of Kerry that included a mention of her father, and trying to control questions at the news conference.

"I am shy," Kerry said in a private, quick interview. "It's been a really interesting learning experience." Her message about her film was further derailed by a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. Apparently nobody warned her that flashing cameras on a thin black dress would make it completely transparent — an especially troubling detail since Kerry went to the premiere sans bra. The revealing photos soon landed on the Internet.

Middle America may be appalled, but the British tabloid the Sun News declared: "Kerry's Daughter Makes a Good Showing!"


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