Monday, May 24, 2004

It's true...

...Fred Durst does have a blog. On said blog he tries to convince people that he's sensitive and into cool music (like The Smiths and Aphex Twin). He also posts things like this:

"i am amazed at the things i see and hear in the news about our world. i feel like i am in a bad robocop movie. the headlines seem seem so unreal. the chaos and decay of a species unfolding before our very eyes. the rise and fall of human beings is being written in real time. this won't be a vicious cycle that continues on a path way to the righteous world. we are seeing and suffering through the beginning of the apocalypse. how long it will drag out is a mystery. it is such a terrible thought to put out there, but it sure seems like reality through my eyes. in many ways it makes me appreciate life in general. having a somewhat normal day or what may seem as a normal day is something i don't want to take for granite anymore. simple things like sitting in the sun and hearing birds, cars, airplanes, and voices filling the air while your whole world revolves around that particular moment. the frustrations and troubles we weigh ourselves down with can become transparent in such a simple moment. "

Take for granite? Wow. I... you know, I'm just going to leave it at that.


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