Friday, May 14, 2004

The NC-17 Stigma

So John Waters got an NC-17 slapped on his new film "A Dirty Shame." I'm not surprised. Mr. Waters making a film about sex addiction and porn is bound to be on the, um, risque side. With that in mind, I'm hoping that New Line has the balls to run with the rating. 
There's no doubt that the MPAA is enormously hypocritical when doling out their ratings ("Passion of the Christ" is an R? "Austin Powers: Goldmember" is PG-13?), but it's time for filmmakers and theater owners and studios to start working with the NC-17. 
When New Line hired Waters to write and direct the film, they had to know what they were getting into. They knew that Waters makes modestly budgeted movies that push, push, push the envelope. And they know that by cutting the film for an R isn't going to spell a huge financial windfall. So here's praying to Jehovah that they stand by their investment and go with it.


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