Tuesday, June 08, 2004

El Bible and whatnot.

Josh gets all pissy and presumptuous 'cause I called out Kerry on being a religious ass-kisser. I still stand by my statement, but I would like to clarify my point.

OK: so I wrote this long-winded, all-over-the-place response... but between taking calls and running around and, well, working, I re-read it and found it incomprehensible.

So I am distilling it to bare bone.

1) While I can see how my flippant post made it appear that I hate on the Bible... I don't. I thought Josh knew my view on the matter better than that, but... he's prone to flights of fancy. So, if he sees me as a salon.commie Christian-hater... Whatev. Of course I see the merits of the book-- oops-- The Book and its influence and power of the text. Blah blah blah.

2) That said, I hate that people (esp. politicians) are scared to look smart. They are. That sucks.

3) If--as Josh eloquently asserts--Kerry had really meant the Bible is essential reading, not only for its religious message, but for its place as a seminal [would Ms. Pagllia prefer me to use the term ovular? ho ho ho] text) why does he distance himself from it the second he says it? Why wouldn't he--if he truly meant it--say: "Essential reading? The Bible. As a Christian, I find the message blah blah blah. But it's also a cornerstone of thought, lit, blah blah blah." And then be done with it.
Instead he says: "Er, The Bible-- or the Torah... or whatever it is that Hindus read... etc."
It reeks of insincerity, political correctness and handlers telling him: "People don't think you're religious enough. Get the word out." Of course I realize it's necessary when you play the game (and esp. when you're up against zealots), but I still find it irritating.


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