Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Friedman Blows (still).

Remember when's Roger Friedman proclaimed Rosie O'Donnell the next Basquiat? Right. Yeah, droveme insane. Then I see this little piece in today's column.
"Fahrenheit' Prediction Right:
As I predicted in this space yesterday, Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' will be distributed by a consortium of film companies in this country including Lions Gate, IFC Films and the new Fellowship Adventure Group (a venture of the Weinstein brothers). They've moved the release up a week, though, to June 25... "

What the fuck is this dude on? Does he really think that people will buy into the fact that he had some kind of scoop? That he knows his shit 'cause yesterday he was predicting this tidbit? MICHAEL FUCKING MOORE AND MIRAMAX ANNOUNCED THAT SHIT IN CANNES. All they have been talking about is how they are going to get a bunch of different indies involved to get the film out in force. Jesus. For whatever reason that douchebag manages to get on my nerves.


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