Monday, July 26, 2004

TNR Convention blog.

I'm thinking that if the 1820 editorial staff of the Kinderhook Free Press were around, they might be able to spice up those convention blogs that everyone keeps yammering about. It's all such a snooze.
I did find one that's kind of fun. The New Republic's Ryan Lizza is on the floor at the Fleet Center, reporting that nothing's happening and then the good Mr. Moore shows up and starts hamming it up for the press.

Lizza writes: "By my count, Moore only made one claim that was flat-out wrong (not bad). Speaking of the many horse-race numbers that show Bush and Kerry in a dead heat, he said, 'When you look at those polls, remember that they are only polling likely voters.' Actually, many of these surveys are of course polling registered voters or even just adults, and they largely show the same dead heat race. But whatever.

The highlight of Moore's stroll was his detour over to CNN's floor-level set, where anchor Bill Hemmer was being interviewed by a print reporter.

Moore ambled up beside Hemmer and began repeating, 'Some people want you dead? Why would you say that?' Apparently, Hemmer had asked Moore that question in a recent interview. After trying to ignore him, Hemmer simply responded, 'Just a minute, Michael.' Michael decided not to wait.

'A lot of our kids are dead because those fuckers haven't done their job," he barked and walked away for a TV interview.'"


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