Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Josh, just FYI.

Now that Josh is all smitten with the walking bag of douche known as Zach Braff, I would like to call his attention to a recent Craigslist posting that Defamer was good enough to point out.

I'm not so sure Josh will want to get knocked up after reading this shocking tale of carnal filth and betrayal.

Read on:

You showed up unexpectedly at the party, I have no idea who you knew that lived there. A friend ran up to tell me, knowing how much I admired your work and how wonderful I though the relationship you had with your girlfriend was. I went downstairs looking for the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed "Garden State", but what did I find... three locked doors.

Fifteen minutes later you emerged, disheveled and ashamed (and I believe high on something) with a little blond girl - the street walker looking type, who had been slinking around the party all night. I CAN'T BELIEVE you would be such a man-whore, he-bitch who would cheat on his girlfriend with SOMETHING so typical and slutty, after proclaiming how your film is so autobiographical. I guess that character was you back then, before you defected from the world of the arts and morals (not an oxymoron) and into the Hollywood slime pit.

Now I pity you. Good luck with your life - you'll need it.


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