Monday, August 16, 2004

South Park & Mormons.

Have you seen the South Park/Mormon episode? Somehow I missed it and just caught it over the weekend. F-ing brilliant. (Confession: after reading Under the Banner of Heaven I developed a weird fascination with Mormons. Well, by weird fascination I mean that for weeks after reading said book, I would spontaneously begin ranting/recounting the history of Mormonism to my horrified/amused/shocked roommate.)

Even more brilliant: this little tidbit that Trey & Matt let slip during their interview with BYU school newspaper: "Stone mentioned he and Parker have been talking for years about bringing the story of Joseph Smith to life in a Broadway musical."

Please, Angel Moroni, please make this happen.


At 12:10 AM, Anonymous said...

hey--you probably don't care, but I came across your site by accident. Anyway, just here to ask you not to put too much credence in "under the banner of heaven" towards mormons. here's a link:


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