Monday, May 09, 2005


I was going to hate on Arianna and her new redonk blog-thingie (specifically, why the hell is she letting Hilary Rosen write sadly uninformed puff pieces?), but lo and behold: the Finke beat me to it. (And it's way nastier and vicious and gossipy than anything I'd write, obvs.)
Forgive them, these bleating blowhards on Arianna's blog, because they know not what they do. Not Seinfeld has-been Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her untalented TV-hyphenate husband, Brad Hall, making unfunny shtick of the anti-gay-marriage movement. Not has-been director Mike Nichols, using the forum to parade his high school grasp of U.S. history by mentioning "de Tocqueville" and "Dr. King" in the same paragraph. Not has-been brat-packer John Cusack, penning the 459,308th remembrance of Hunter Thompson for the sole purpose of letting the world know that the actor scored an invite to the writer's intimate memorial service.

God bless thst crazy bitch.


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