Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Love is blindness.

Josh keeps harping on me over Kerry's ass-kissing. Jesus Christ, that kid has John Kerry's weenus so far down his throat I mistook him for a new Vivid Girl.
He has a totally valid point in that the question posed to Kerry is designed to trip him up and make him look retarded or elitist or out-of-touch. It's true. It's a no-win question.
That said, it's pretty unbelievable that Josh thinks the answer is in any way honest/sincere/whatev when it is so glaringly a bunch of hippie-dippy, have-it-both-ways political rhetoric.
But hey... this is the same guy who jacks off to homos fucking typewriters, so why am I shocked?

All those in favor of Josh shutting up and spending more time raising the Gibson-Cuomo brood, make your voices heard in the comment section.


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