Wednesday, June 23, 2004

More props.

I threw up the fisking of Hitchens almost as a joke. I have been harping on Moore for so damn long that I wanted to provide a counter point. Of course, the counter point was kind of silly, but it's gotten some attention so I put it up (with just a few minor comments of my own).

Adding to an already great day in the happy blog hamlet of Fagistan, Josh responded with stunning force and eloquence. He ain't fuckin' around, he goes for the jugular:

"A parting question for all antiwar leftists out there (I am one, after all): How do you say 'We should not have gone to war with Iraq,' without meaning, 'Saddam should still be in power?' Until we can answer that with a straight face, and without twisty logic, we have no business criticizing the president. He, at least, had something vaguely resembling a plan."

Bravo, dude. Bravo.


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