Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Props to Mr. Gibson. Today's Fagistan is particularly hilarious and mean. His evaluation/obit of Mattie Stepanek is... well... tender and loving. (I mean what do you expect from Josh when he's memorializing a brilliant 10 year old poet with MS?)
And today's entry on Josh's beloved Delilah is pretty f-ing smashing. That's why I called her show and said: "Delilah, I so admire my friend Josh's blog. Would you play a song that expresses my admiration for him?"
She asked if I was feeling more than admiration for this mysterious blogger.
I said: "You mean do I want to know Josh carnally? No. Just play a goddam song, bitch."
So she played Mariah Carey's "Butterfly."
True story. It was touching.


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