Thursday, June 03, 2004

Pot: "Hello, Kettle. You're black."

I've always thought Madonna's obsession with the Kaballah was silly. I got really freaked out when I read The New Republic's cover story a couple weeks back and found that this version of Kabbalah is interested in achieving human immortality by drinking the right water (sold through L.A.'s Kaballah Center, naturally) and vanquishing AIDS by getting rid of the world's nuclear material. Right. Kaballah, it seems to me, is the new Scientology.
Anyway, so I run across this little new blurb
: "Michael Jackson's former rabbi advisor, Shmuley Boteach, has blasted Madonna for what he deems a hypocritical endorsement of Kabbalah's Jewish mystic teachings. In an editorial for Something Jewish, Boteach writes that Madonna shouldn't be Kabbalah's most public figure, since she's a 'slut.' 'Is the Kabbalah Center really so desperate that it is prepared to promote itself through a vulgarian whose main contribution to the culture is porn rock?' he wrote. Madonna's spokesperson called Boteach's comments 'frightening for someone who professes to be a religious person.'"
This shit really pisses me off. "Rabbi" Boteach might be right. Madonna just might be a huge hypocrite. But know who's a bigger f-ing hypocrite? Oh that would be Boteach. This guy was stripped of his title in New York and New Jersey because he was scamming people out of money. He started several different charities with Michael Jackson that raised a whole bunch of money off the MJ name, but never actually gave the money to anyone. This guy is a media whore in the worst way and when I see this shit it drives me insane.
The only thing worse? If Roger Friedman was reporting this shit. And if Madonna had responded by rapping something about soy lattes and doing double shot-ays and how that's supposed to be some big political statement. Then I might die.


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