Friday, June 18, 2004

You're Malkin me hot.

Dear reader, are you familiar with Michelle Malkin?
She is my latest political-pundit crush. Ms. Malkin is totally the new Ann Coulter. She's foxy, right-wing, shrill, plus she's a minority. So the racist charges that are chucked at La Coulter will just roll of Malkin's back.
Oh it's too too perfect.
I became aware of Malkin when she was on the second greatest show on TV, The O'Reilly Factor (number one is, of course, Deadwood). It was a revelation. Finally, a Filipina talking head who was speaking out against the liberal elite and their love of terrorists. It was so refreshing.
Upon further research, I found that we share much in common... a love of John Derbyshire's writing. The belief that Sean Hannity has his finger on the pulse of American discourse. Tireless work in the field of abolishing affirmative action. And that we we should never forget 07/25/69. (What date is that? I'm sure Josh would be able to tell you. July, 25th 1969 is the day that Ted Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a crime in Chappaquiddick.)
I really have nothing else to say (or no other point to this post) other than:
Support the Malkin. Because she's a Filipina.
Here are some useful links to her work. Enjoy.

Malkin on left-wing thuggery.
Malkin on Hannity.
Malkin's memo to Ashley Judd.
Malkin on 'Hollyweird'/Courtney Love.
Malkin on Washingtonienne/Wonkette.


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