Friday, July 30, 2004

Culture of fear.

For someone who doesn't believe in locking his front door, Michael Moore seems awfully jumpy Defamer's got the scoop (oh and just FYI: Musso & Frank's is nasty. I know I know... it's old school Hollywood... it's still gross):

"Last night we went to Musso & Frank for our usual Thursday night dinner. At the table across from our booth were two bodyguards, in sunglasses, wire in the ear, the whole bit. We didn't see anybody that important, so we asked our waiter whose body they were guarding. MICHAEL MOORE!
The fat load was at a booth with Roger Ebert and some Hollywood types. Moore is so fat (how fat is he?) he had to sit outside the booth in a chair. I guess Mr. Man Of the People is a little scared of those people. Later, Ebert came over to see if Moore's bodyguards were okay, and we talked to him a little while. He started talking to us because we were in our regular booth next to the bar, which was also Orson Welles' booth, apparently. He was very cool. I should add that we've been eating there every Thursday for years, seen hundreds of celebs, and never seen any w/bodyguards until now."


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