Monday, July 26, 2004

Jenna & Barb <3 The Postal Service.

Wonkette has the transcript of the Barb & Jenna Bush chat that was held the other night.

In addition to loving their Dad and country, we also learn that the twins love them some Modest Mouse, The Stroke, and The Postal Service. (Clearly they got a Seth Cohen gift pack at some point.)

Wonkette also sniffs a conspiracy. She notes that some of the answers (to admittedly shitty questions) seem awfully Stepfordian.


Susan Kildow from Holly Springs NC wrote:
As young women who embody the future of our nation, how important do you believe character to be when choosing a candidate and how does your dad stack up?

Barbara and Jenna Bush answered:
Well, Susan, to us character is the most vital part of being an excellent leader. While we may be a little biased because he is our dad, we think - well, we KNOW -- that our Dad is a man of strong and principled character. If he says he is going to do something, he will do it.  When we were kids, if dad said he was going to come to one of our soccer games, he would be there! And now even his critics can't argue that he is a steadfast leader who means what he says and acts with resolve.  At the same time, he always treats everyone he meets with dignity and respect.

Methinks Wonkette just might be on to something.


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