Saturday, August 07, 2004

A word of advice:

Don't waste your money on Open Water. Everything about it is so painfully amateur that it's embarassing. The concept is undeniably creepy and promising (scuba-diving couple stranded in shark-infested water) but the leaps of logic and the pathetic writing/acting are just unbearable.

The whole way through I was wishing that rather than releasing this version of the film, Lions Gate would have wised up and shelved the movie, found a talented writer/director to craft a smart script based on the concept, hire a d.p., and populate the remake with people who can act. Instead, Lions Gate went the cheap route and cut really great trailers, crafted a smart ad campaign, and tricked a lot of people into seeing a crappy movie. Bravo, LGF, you're becoming marketing masters. Too bad the film is shite.


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