Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bits 'n pieces and whatever.

  • Going through a stack of CDs I haven't looked at since college, I found The Frogs' My Daughter The Broad. I realize we're all adults here and I should have cultivated a mature sense of humor by now, but I laugh every time I look at the tracklist, which includes such gems as "Which One of You Gave My Daughter the Dope," "Who's Sucking Grandpa's Balls Since Grandma Ain't Home Tonight," and, my personal favorite and The Obsolete Vernacular's Best Single of 1996, "Grandma Sitting in the Corner With a Penis In Her Hand Going 'No, No, No, No, No.'"

  • Quote of the day: "He's like a lover you don't want to screw, but you maybe want to cuddle him and tell him it's gonna be okay." --Juliette Lewis on William Hung, in the pages of the January Spin.

  • Speaking of the pages of Spin, props to Matthew Fluxblog for being named "Newest Tastemaker" in the aforementioned issue.

  • Criterion announces their March releases. Goodness from, among others, Renoir, Truffaut, and Antonioni.

  • The new Daft Punk album (titled Human After All) drops March 21st.

  • Fagistan hates me. Oh and not just me, you too. Yes, you.


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