Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rabid Insanity Watch, Day 1.

Tuesday's debut of Slate's Movie Club didn't disappoint. And, as expected, Armond White is turning out to the (unstable) belle of the ball. Dig:
I'm way past Dogville. I also think I'm way past seeing any more Lars von Trier movies unless he can rope some pop star, Ricky Martin or Mary J. Blige, into his circus tent. (Wow! Imagine what an interesting movie Bad Education would have been with Sr. Ricky instead of being an Almodóvar retread! Imagine if Mary J. Blige or Iris DeMent had busted the conceit of Dogville with some soul-singing or gospel!)

Just what Dogville needs: Iris DeMent. Today's edition of da club is already turning out to be a humdinger, as Armond unloads on fellow panelist A.O. Scott: "I'd have no problem... waiting for Tony Scott to make sense of things if he didn't write for the Times. It just seems to me that in the end, the whole cowardly middle-class world is always essentially waiting for the Times to claim authority once a-fucking-gin."
When film crix attack! Huzzah! Developing...


At 1:01 PM, Blogger D. Greene said...

(This is good). Armond White is a kind of Vincent Gallo of film critics. I love it.


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