Friday, February 11, 2005

Standards and practice.

An IM conversation I had with Morgan this afternoon.
Ozu's masterwork Tokyo Story is brought up. I've never seen it. Morgan has.

Morgan (5:08:01): That's another movie I prefer HAPPY GILMORE to.
M (5:08:10 PM): HAPPY GILMORE is my yardstick for greatness.
Ben (5:08:20 PM): that is so excellent.
M (5:08:40 PM): I think it's [HAPPY GILMORE] an exceptionally good film.
M (5:08:56 PM): And to surpass HAPPY GILMORE means a film is probably achieving greatness.
M (5:09:21 PM): Remember when that dude's hand gets run over by the garbage truck? That's solid gold.
M (5:09:25 PM): And it makes me laugh.
B (5:10:31 PM): and there's nothing of sim. quality in tokyo story?
M (5:10:42 PM): Not really.
M (5:11:06 PM): Just a bunch of people feeling sorry for themselves in ten minute long static takes taken three feet above the ground.
M (5:11:11 PM): I'll take the wooden hand any day.
B (5:11:49 PM): you might just be the first person to hold dennis dugan in higher regard than ozu.
M (5:12:03 PM): I have no problem admitting as much*.
B (5:12:09 PM): bitchin'.

*= Upon notification that the above IM conversation was going to go public, Morgan did add this caveat: "Mr. Dugan's work in BIG DADDY and PROBLEM CHILD is not on par with his work in HAPPY GILMORE. "


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