Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things that make you go 'hmmm...'

  • The NYTimes reviews a play called Texas Homos... by Jan Buttram? (via TMFTML.)

  • FilmBitch takes on Hilary Swank and the Academy. (Be warned, Million Dollar Baby spoilers be there.)

  • Kanye wins the 31st (or 32nd) Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll. (I'm silently rolling my eyes at that one.)

  • Call me cynical, but I somehow doubt that Kevin James' performance in Hitch is, in the words of LA Weekly critic Chuck Wilson, "marvelously inventive." Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the impression that he was playing a stunted, annoying white guy (again). Maybe he's actually retarded and K.J. really gets to show some range and they're hiding this fact in the trailers. Just a thought. (On a side note, I happened to catch a promo for a new King of Queens. The episode is about how Kevin James is all pissed because his wife [the shrill, charmless, and thin Leah Remini] is "getting fat." Take that one in and get back to me.)

  • I was at the crib, sittin' by the fireplace
    Drinkin' cocoa on the bear skin rug
    The door bell rang. Who could it be?
    Thought to myself then started to shrug
    Got to the door. Ding Dong. Who is it?
    My girl's best friend had payed me a visit.
    Sly as can be, tight dress and all
    She knew that I was faithful. I really didn't have the gall.
    I tried to chilll. She made the move.
    Now I know my girlfriend wouldn't approve.
    I didn't realize my girl was settin' me up
    Yo, my girl didn't trust me. No!
    Yeah, but she lost control I wouln't take the bait.
    I said chill baby baby chill baby baby wait
    My girl bust in, Caught us creating a boom
    She said "Girlfriend?"


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