Thursday, March 31, 2005

This, that, the other.

  • More Lubitsch on Criterion. Huzzah!

  • Did you see this Slate article questioning the LA Times fact-checking skills? It's great-- check out the Times correction that started it all:
    An article in Tuesday's California section about hazing at Cal State Chico mistakenly said that a pledge to a fraternity at nearby Butte Community College died of alcohol poisoning. He did not die but was hospitalized. The article also said Chico has a population of 35,000; according to the city, the population is 71,317. In addition, University President Paul Zingg was quoted saying the school would shut down its Greek system if problems with hazing did not abate. Zingg made his comments to a group of 850 students and others, and his remarks were quoted in the local media. He did not speak with The Times. Also, although the article characterized the school as being well-known for its basketball program, its winning baseball program may be best known outside campus.

    Yeah, uh, oops.

  • She just don't give a fuck. Ann Coulter, this week's column, never ceasing to amaze: " Today's brain twister: Would you rather be O.J.'s girlfriend or Michael Schiavo's fiancee?" Eye roll.

  • Speaking of eye-rolling/yentas, Michelle Malkin calls Terri Schiavo "Terri Schindler-Schiavo." I don't think that's Terri's proper name. Michelle must be one of them Femi-Nazis.

  • Remember this musical entity: Feist. She's part of that whole ApostlesofBrokenSocialStars scene. She's gonna blow up in about three seconds and it's going to be great.

  • What's Lawrence Bender going to do now? Anna and the King 2?

  • Kelefa Sanneh pretty much nails the new Moby shite. It's, perhaps, a wee bit on the pretentios side and a bit too harsh (Sanneh's review, that is). I mean, the new album is pretty weak and forgettable, but I think a couple of tracks are like nice OMD/Heaven 17/Yaz b-sides. (The hour-long bonus disc of ambient tracks is solid, especially "Blue Paper.")

  • You know what album actually lives up to all the vitirol? The new Daft Punk album. Believe the haterade.

  • Nayiri's tales of woe crack me up.

  • Why is Matt Drudge linking to this story about how Boy George won't vote for Tony Blair again? WHO THE MOTHER-F CARES? IT'S BOY F-ING GEORGE.

    End of transmission.


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