Monday, May 09, 2005

California love (remix).

Just a few more bits on Los Angeles Plays Itself:

  • Wesley Morris nails it in the Globe: "It's porn for cinephiles, which is to say intellectually arousing and deeply entertaining."

  • Thom Andersen explains why he excluded Mulholland Drive ("In a a way, [Lynch] is still Betty, the naïve provincial in the big city, and maybe that’s why Mulholland Drive carries conviction when it stays with her point of view and feels artificial when it moves to other scenes, other stories. When she is transformed into a jealous spurned lover, I felt betrayed, and now I’m convinced my response was appropriate. Lynch betrayed his own vision to produce a sour, cynical addendum that is worthy of Billy Wilder.") and where Collateral would've fit in Los Angeles Plays Itself.


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