Thursday, March 23, 2006

Skankvision 9000.

Brick update coming in the near future. (Pssst, it's really f-ing good.)

In the meantime, don't miss MZS's post on the worst films that've won a Best Picture Oscar. And don't skip the comment section either. If you do, you'll miss items like this:
I'll concede that Ridley [Scott] has perhaps too high an opinion of himself, but Tony's Scott's movies go too far in the other direction. They are unnervingly proud of their skankiness. They seem to be shot with a special camera system, Skankvision 9000, that amps up the skank factor. I think that accounts for the haze in every frame of a Tony Scott film; it's not a smoke machine, it's the skank floating in the air. After stuff like MAN ON FIRE and REVENGE, I felt like I needed to go get vaccinated or something. Peckinpah is Merchant-Ivory compared to that guy.


At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Bob said...

If you're going to take on "Brick," could you as a favor to me address Armond's casual smackdown of it in his review of "She's the Man"? It seems like fairly typical Armondian batshit--most obviously, his assertion that "She's the Man" is (radically)elevated in quality by the male lead's resemblance to one of the performers in "Wild Reeds", a movie that virtually nobody who's going to see "She's the Man" has ever or will ever see; this is Armondian solipsism at its best--except that the prospect of watching a handful of teenagers affecting hard-boiled noir world-weariness makes me want to put nails in my eyes, too.

I so heart Armond.


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