Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Extraordinary update.

I know, I know, the saga over the various versions of Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine is so 2005. But the good folks over at fairfax ave. unearthed this great piece of dirt interesting tidbit from EM 2.0's "co-producer" Brian Kehew and it's too good to ignore. A sample:

I had no power - they had someone else mix the record - who charged 40k PLUS points (I was not taking mixing points) and who smashed the hell out of all the beauitful dynamics we had created. As importantly, he completely missed some of the most important tracks we had in our arragements, which makes me realize the "other producer" probably wasn't even at the mixes - or paying attention. Personally, I think it's cookie-cutter mixing by someone who is not that talented - smash everything so you don't have to worry about levels changing. I don't even listen to the CD now - although our engineer's roughs (Hey - I'm an engineer, but I didn't try to control that, did I?) sound great and I still isten to them. MUCH better music, with all the intended tracks.

Then, when the album comes out, my credit has dropped further. It now says "Produced by XX" and underneath this, "Co-produced by Brian Kehew". Totally an unrealistic credit, because if I had shared the work of something, so had the other person shared and been "co-producer". Certainly as the person who got the artist to work (she had no intention to work again with Jon Brion) and hired the studio and chose the set of tracks to use, then worked daily to make a record...


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