Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Oh what a world.

Rufus is... too much. God bless him for the music, but man... he's... well, check out the excerpt below (from the UK's Independent):

"[Wainwright] says, entirely earnestly, that he has no option but to protest outside this summer's Republican convention in New York and that he is 'willing to die for this'.

Are you ashamed to be American right now?

'No, because I don't think it's America that's doing this. It's the military-industrial complex, and it's distinctly un-American. But I do feel ashamed of our government, and sometimes of our people - yes,' he decides.

Another new song, 'The Gay Messiah', is already a central component of Wainwright's live set. It might not be apparent from lines such as 'I won't be the one/Baptised in cum', but it was inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

I do recall hearing that one of Rabin's plans to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a good ol' bukake (sp?).


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