Sunday, May 16, 2004

Pointing the finger elsewhere.

So much has been written about Columbine that is seems trite to even attempt to address it. However, when I saw Mr. & Mrs. Klebold announce that they "haven't done anything for which [they] need forgiveness," well, I felt compelled to respond.

Look: maybe I am being completely unfair. No one really knows what went on in the Klebold household. I don't know how Dylan and his parents interacted, but I do know that Dylan Klebold spent years wallowing in misery, stewing in hatred, getting in trouble with the law, etc. It seems that if his parents had put a little more effort into working with their kid, paying attention to him... In short: behaving like rational parents, the massacre might have been avoided. By all the accounts that I have read, Dylan Klebold was given free reign to do what he pleased after school. Yeah, guys, here's a thought: [a] Maybe he needed more supervision and [b] maybe he needed a real therapist. How 'bout that?

Again: it's stupid for me to sit here and pass judgment on their parenting skills when I wasn't privy to what was going on. But when I see such spiteful, gross attitude in print, it's hard not to lash out at them. The proper response from the Klebolds would have been to shut the fuck up and stay out of the media. Or better yet, to stand up and take responsibility for part of the problem. I somehow doubt that that's going to happen.


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