Monday, June 14, 2004


My Dearest Fellow Bloggers,

Bad news. You have homework.
I love lists and I love learning what my friends are down with, etc. Therefore, I now decree that every Tuesday, everyone in our little stretch of the blogisphere shall be responsible for coming up with a list of 5 items (movies, songs, TV programmes, CDs, plays, interweb sites, actors, buildings, blogs, colors, politicians, essays, porn stars, barnyard animals, etc.) that he is currently obsessed with.
Here are the rules:
1) You must post sometime on Tuesday. Every Tuesday. From here on out. Forever and ever, amen.
2) You must think up a name for this column and post said name in the title section every time you post your list.

Sound like fun? I don't care if you just answered in the negative. I want to see lists people.

Now get to it, yo. Time's a-wastin'.

Yours in Christ's profound love,


PS: Remember Greil Marcus' old column at Salon? This is kind of like that.


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