Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm ready to pack my bags...

Sully's got the scoop on what sounds like some hot property. (Or at least some hot property in the making.) [Note to self: FUCK! My rigid, cynical, anti-Christian mindset is shining through. Dammit. Now Josh will hate on me some more. Oh well.]

"SECESSION: Speaking of theocrats, some of the nuttier parts of the religious right are now advocating actual secession from the Godless United States. Catholic cleric James McCloskey once rhapsodized about this idea as well. But he was dreaming of bigger things than 'Christian Exodus.' They've decided to encourage Christians to go to ... South Carolina. What would the new paradise look like? The message board has some pointers:

'Well on one hand I kinda favor a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. But should homosexuals speak up, they should be deported, sanctioned, or held in jail,' said one person, discussing whether their new 'country' should endorse or permit lifestyles they believe go against biblical teachings.
Other visitors had ideas on what laws might be applicable in their new South Carolina home. 'No alcohol sold on Sundays at all. All entries into the town would be policed with random checks for alcohol abuse, breathalyzers mandatory. No places of business open on Sundays. All schools, public, private or otherwise would teach creation, have the Ten commandments placed and say prayer before classes start. No landlords allowed to rent to couples just living together ... Abortion would not be legal in any circumstance.'"


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