Friday, June 25, 2004

Probably not the reaction that WB wants.

From a Defamer post on last night's F__r______ _/_1 event at the CineramaDome. Not to fear, this is about a trailer.

"The best moment came when the final trailer bowed. It was for the movie musical Phantom of the Opera. I have a soft spot for Phantom. It was the first Broadway show that I ever saw. And this trailer was savvy, it lured me in, because there wasn't any singing. I couldn't compare their Phantom to Michael Crawford because they just used the overture. I was being seduced. It looked huge, the spectacle, the grandeur, the chandelier! Here's my $14! But then the credits roll and it says 'A Joel Schumacher Film' -- and the entire Cinerama Dome bursts into laughter."


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