Saturday, June 19, 2004


I'm not sure how much you hear about this story in other parts of the country, but there is an attrocious rape case going on in Southern California that is just so sick and over-the-top it makes me rage.

It goes like this: three rich O.C. kids are a at party. There is a 16 year old girl there. She's really fucked up. They help her get more fucked up: beer, pot, gin. She passes out. They pull out a video camera and tape themselved shoving a Snapple bottle, pool cue and cigarette in her vagina. Then all three take turns fucking her in various ways. They take her (still passed out) and dump her back in her car (or maybe it was a friend's car...). She wakes up, sore and bruised, but remembers very little and certainly not the sex/rape.
But the douche bag guys misplace the video tape and it gets out. It finds its way to the police, who freak out becuase when they watch it, they think they're seeing three guys raping a corpse.
Long story short: they nab the guys and a huge trial ensues (one of the kids' dad is a multi-millionaire [and member of law enforcement] who is sparing no expense on experts, etc).
The defense? A) The girl's a slut who was dying to be a porn star and B) she is faking like she's passed out as a way to jump-start her career in porn.
And now
the defense has found a doctor who says it appears to him that she is faking it. (Of course, when the good doctor was making his case they didn't use the whole video tape, only select scenes.)
Of course the prosecutor ripped holes in the argument, but there are some that think that might be enough of a reasonable doubt and these guys might walk.
Want to read more about insanity in the legal system and sexual politics? The OC Weekly has an archive of their coverage of the case on its main page.


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