Monday, November 29, 2004

Back in the saddle.

How's everybody doin'?
So anyway, I wish I had a bunch of links and witty shit to say, but I'm buried under a bunch of work-related-shite that I need to finish before the boss returns tomorrow. I'll work on stewing up some hottness and in the meantime I'll leave you with this delicious bit of snark that only the boyz at Pitchfork could dream up. From their review of Gwen's Love Angel Music Baby:

Gwen Stefani should stick to making bum flaps. Not quite a skirt, not quite a dish rag, the Stefani bum flap dangles off the guts of our divorced aunts and 12-year-old mall-slut daughters, the ones who steal Livestrong bracelets and dry-hump public schoolkids in Pac Sun dressing rooms. Bum flaps are these people's stars and stripes. Not all of us want to salute this flag, but it exists, and it gives America something else to believe in-- and it's not nearly as expensive as a valium addiction or Kaplan SAT course.


UPDATE: More Gwen-snark from The Fug Bitches:
"What is it, Gwen? Why the weird? Is it the stress of your solo album? The heady drunk power of having your own fashion line? The strange, all-consuming curiosity about your real-life quasi-'Billie Jean' scenario, and whether your husband knew that the kid was his daughter, and just didn't tell you?"


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