Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hey boss.

I wish I coulda seen that:
"Coincidentally, earlier in the evening, director Alexander Payne did his best impression of Hilary Swank’s character in Million Dollar Baby by shucking and jiving for the starlet. Ms. Swank, who cleans up nicely, was there to present Mr. Eastwood with his award for Best Director. Her husband, actor and activist Chad Lowe, looked on sheepishly—perhaps praying that his wife wouldn’t kick Mr. Payne’s ass, or his own."

(From Jake Brooks' NY Observer piece on the NY Film Critics dinner.)

1. I like that Chad Lowe is credited as "husband, actor and activist."

2. While I love that it was Mr. Payne doing the imitating, I really wish it was Matt Damon. Although, that might've opened the space-time continuum and sucked the entire Roosevelt hotel into a wormhole.

3. I also loved this bit from the article. Brooks asks Payne about Tony "Not-the-director-of-Spy Game" Scott's NY Times essay on Sideways being the most overrated film of the year. Payne's respose? "'Fuck it,' he retorted, looking tired yet dapper in a dark suit, before admitting that he always worried about the film being overexposed: 'I thought it was overhyped,' he said."


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