Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscars blah blah blah.

Well, the Oscars... uh... went smoothly, I guess. Chris Rock was funny, handing out the tech awards beauty pagent style wasn't that bad, it only last three hours. Of course there were the f ups: Beyonce and Andrew Toad Weber on stage together? Yech. Antonio and Santana? Bleh. Million Dollar Baby winning four biggies? Sigh.

And that's really all I got to say 'bout that. I just can't compete with Edelstein, not when he drops a paragraph like this:
Once again, most of the women looked thin to the point of starvation. Johannsen. Emmy Rossum. Blanchett. Prince. Not Kate Winslet, fortunately—she looked sublime. Not Julia Roberts, showing off her nourishing new-mom boobs.

And if you're looking for some expansive, hi-larious Oscar-fashion commentary, Horny Gandhi's got ya covered.


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