Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Adventures in pop culutre.

Polaroids from the pop culture that filled my weekend:

  • Like everyone else, I am of the camp that says: "Constantine-- muddled, dumb, why? Tilda Swinton and Peter Stormare in Constantine-- effortless, hilarious, thank you."

  • Eva Marie Saint in Northy by Northwest: how badly do you want to engage in double entendres with her while she uses one of those can openers to open a couchette?

  • I kind of doubted Pitchfork, I don't anymore. Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" is bananas. Ba-nan-naz. The 0:43 mark, where the Clarkson (double-tracked) spits the first "But since (yo)u('ve) been gone" and a wave of mall-punk guitars are unleashed... it's delirious pop at its best. (Oh, and as noted by Pitchfork, the lifting of the YYY's "Maps" guitar riff in the bridge is a neat trick.)

  • Hey, remember when Tobey Maguire is hung-over/baked in Wonder Boys? And his remedy is OJ and lots of powdered doughnuts? I can't think of an image from that film that made me happier all weekend.

  • Oh wait, yes I can: Katie Holmes in red cowboy boots.

  • Mark Kozelek singing "Love at First Feel" (as originally recorded by AC/DC) on the What's Next to the Moon ep. Who knew that Bon Scott was such a shoe-gazing indie boy?

  • I saw Diner for the first time over the weekend. Really liked it. How is it that even in 1982, Paul Reiser was an annoying middle-aged nebbish?

  • Have you noticed that when The Insider ends, and the Perfecto Remix of Massive Attack's "Safe From Harm" starts blaring, and the "what-ended-up-happening-to-so-and-so" text begins to appears on the screen, it feels like the most important information you are ever going to receive?

  • I regret ignoring Basement Jaxx's Kish Kash for over a year. That was a really dumb move. Not as dumb as Astralwerks dumbing them, leaving them without a North American label. Weak, A'werks, weak.

  • I think Busby Berkeley was tripping balls when he choreographed his dances. That's a good thing.


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

Personally, I always though Eva Marie Saint was kind of of ugly. She was like one of those old ladies that you are like "wow she might have been pretty when she was younger," only she wasn't old.


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