Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Three stories about 2046.

Obsess much?
I know, I can't help it. It's firmly lodged in my brain (that's a good thing).
I felt like sharing these.

  1. Wong Kar-Wai is insanely secretive about about what he's working on and tries his hardest to keep details away from the media (especially while he's filming). While filming on the Oriental Hotel set (the primary 2046 location), a tabloid photog bribed his way onto set and managed to smuggle out pictures. When the images hit the tabloids, WKW demanded that the set be torn down, redesigned and rebuilt.

  2. As PL pointed out, WKW shot so much footage that there's enough unused material to make another film.

  3. Perusing the IMDb message boards, I learned that 2046 might just be reminiscent of Lost in Translation. "El Buferos" fills us in:
    Perhaps because 2046 is set in a hotel too and the Asian languages are very important, or maybe because of the calm atmosphere and extremely beautiful music.

    But, as I said already, I didn't like 2046 at all. It's a wonderful movie, I can understand lots of people love it, but it was just not appealing to me. Lost In Translation had not one superfluous scene, while 2046 was at least 30min too long (in my opinion).

    Did someone here also had troubles with the distinction between the different female leads? I always confused them, which made it really difficult to keep track of what was going on...

    Got it? Asians: they all look alike. Asian languages: they're very important. 2046 and LIT: might just be comparable.


At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Nayiri said...

Jeez, B. If you love him so much, why don't you just marry him?

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're right on track and not many people are willing to admit that they share your views. lost love poem is an AWESOME place to discuss LOST.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous El Buferos said...

Maybe my English is terrible, maybe I don't know a thing about movies, but you sure didn't get what I meant.

Actually, even I don't get it anymore. Clearly it wasn't one of my finest moments. But even though now I think that the imdb post from 3 years ago is terribly written, I still think two of the female actresses looked alike. And 2046 and LIT aren't at all comparable, since I really liked that last one. Thought I was clear on that one...

So sorry for seeming like a stupid and racist bastard, but am I still allowed to not like 2046?

El Buferos


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