Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April 6 ≠ April 1.

People, April Fools Day was last Friday, I'm getting sick of being yanked around. First, there's all this Maynard James Keenan finds Jesus news.
Now Page Six wants us to believe that they spoke to Britney Spears' PR hack and were given this quote (to explan why Brit and K-Fed are living in a hotel, in different wings of said hotel, and why there was an "emergency family meeting" in said hotel):
"Britney and Kevin were at the hotel to celebrate [sister] Jamie Lynn's birthday. An emergency meeting was called, but only because Britney was afraid her dog, Bit Bit, was pregnant by [brother] Brian's dog, Porkchop — and that would be incest. As for Britney and Kevin, they are still together, happy and gearing up to do press on the new show. There will be a magazine cover involved."
Wrong. Wrong. Nope.


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