Wednesday, May 25, 2005

An open letter to Scott Rudin.

Dear Mr. Rudin,

As you seem to focus on turning upper-middlebrow works of lit into blah films, I didn't want you to miss the chance to turn what seems to be a scintillating essay/real-life story into a mediocre film.
Perhaps you've heard about "I Wonder Why?" It's an angry piece of work that a PO'd fourth-grade teacher wrote to his class. I haven't read the whole thing (maybe one of your ace interns would be a lamb and track it down and forward it to me), but the excerpt that I did read* makes me think that Will Ferrell could kill with this thing.

I await your response.



*Teacher to class (after failed spelling bee): "What should have been a nice little game turns into anger and sadness. I hate my class at times like this, because anytime I try to do something fun, they ruin it. They can take the best thing in the world and just ruin it."


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