Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Checking in.

Much to tell you about--such as the screening of Bertolucci's sublime The Conformist (with Elvis "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is like eating a bowl of Honeycomb drenched in Red Bull" Mitchell in attendance!) at the Los Angeles Film Festival--but I'm swampped at work. It's a good swamped, I'm leaving tommorw for a one-day, work-related trip to Las Vegas*. Huzzah to that.

I might be checking in lates, but if not, make sure you stop by Fluxblog and check out the new Goldfrapp goodness.

Oh and I leave you with this moment of zen:
"Tarantino knew all the dolls by heart. He was [saying] 'No, I don't want to sign the Meygan doll; I want to sign the Cloe doll."
--Dave Malacrida, VP of PR for Bratz Dolls, recounting the time he approached QT to get him to autograph a Bratz doll for a Tsunami Relief auction.

* I am looking forward to this whole Vegas trip thing (free night at the Wynn, yo) but I must admit that my attitude towards Vegas is pretty much in alignment with Mr. Blagg.


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