Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fugging excellent.

You guys are aware that the catty ladies of Go Fug Yourself write some of the most hilarious material on the Internets, right?
If you need to be reminded go read their accounts of (a) Leelee Sobieski's 23rd birthday party ("She got herself bailed out of jail so she could go straight to The Spider Club without missing a single slice of the Here On Earth-themed birthday cake she bought herself to remind everyone that She Is A Serious Actress Indeed, and not simply a block of wood with a garbled man-voice, as has been previously reported.") and (b) When Tom Met Dakota ("She is an extraordinary woman. Simply extraordinary. I could not be more fascinated by her. She is young. She is vital. She is BRILLIANT. I know you've heard these things before, but this time, I really mean them. It's true! Don't you doubters start telling Mav to pull up, yo! I will not pull up! IF YOU BELIEVE IN NOTHING, other than the divine word of the drug-busting dyslexia-curing master of spirituality, BELIEVE IN THIS.")


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