Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rant of the day.

Your Uncle Grambo pointed me in the direction of blagg blogg's 5 Movies I Wish People Would Stop Quoting and it made my afternoon richer. Allow me to reprint the entirety of Movie #2:
2. "Napoleon Dynamite" -- Vote for Pedro? No, I vote for you shutting the hell up. Napoleon Dynamite is the cinematic equivalent of the "Fun Pak" candy where you dip those sticks of sugar into the pouches of colored sugar - it tastes good for a second, but by the time it's over you want to throw up and have a root canal. Not to downplay my own annoyance with endless Napoleon impressions, but you know who I really feel sorry for? High school teachers. As if their job wasn't already hard enough, I'm sure they just love it when a room full of teenage girls shriek in laughter every time some smartass screams out, "It's a liger!". It's really no wonder we keep hearing these stories of high school teachers having sex with their students. Clearly, they're hate-fucking them, which is a problem that could probably be averted if everyone would stop saying, "Gosh!" and "Friggin' Idiot" every chance they get.

Don't you feel better now? I do. Hate-fucking, indeed.


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