Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quote of the day.

"Now that I can almost Moonwalk, it is out of style, so I guess I'll have to take up 'krumping.'"
--Hizzoner Ed Koch. (Via the cinetrix.)
Don't think that Hizzoner didn't have fierce competition on the Quote of the Day Battlefield. He had to contend with Avi "Oh Fuck I Just Put Brett Ratner In Charge of The X-Men" Arad's hilarious and unironic defense of the Rat (via Defamer):
"Idiots, Idiots... [Referring to haterz on the I.T.] Did you see Red Dragon? Did you see that? And you saw Family Man, which is totally different, a very emotional story. Then, you have two giant comedies. What are they thinking? This is a great filmmaker. Do you know how much experience this guy has? Let alone his new Jessica Simpson video? This guy knows what he's doing."

Yes, Avi, I did see Red Dragon. I liked it better when Michael Mann directed it. And did he really just hold up a Jessica Simpson video--no matter how softcoretastic it is--as a paradigm of merit? How amazing is that? (Hizzoner krumping still wins, though.)


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