Monday, August 15, 2005

Jon, Paul, Fiona, and Kanye.

1. Check out the newly redesigned/relaunched P.T. Anderson website, cigarettes and red vines , for an exclusive interview with the man. No news on There Will Be Blood (his adaptation of Upton Sinclair's Oil!), aside from the promise that it'll surface next year. Highlights: he dispels the "I shot a video for Radiohead's 'We Suck Young Blood' that has never surfaced" rumor, talks about working with Altman, gives his stance on shooting on film vs. digital, names his favorite recent film, etc.

2. By now you've most likely heard that Fiona Apple's long-delayed third album, Extraordinary Machine will be out on October 4th. The leaked version, produced by Jon Brion, that hit the internets earlier this year has been mostly scrapped. Nine of those songs were re-recorded, one was just written and recorded and added, with two Brion remaining in the mix. OK, whatevs, you knew that.
Here's something new: Brion claims he's really annoyed with "his version" of the album (the quote's also from Cigs & Red Vines):
"There's music on there that wasn't even part of [what I recorded]. It's wrong," he said. "It's not like, 'I don't quite like the mix,' " he continued, affecting a whiny voice. "I wasn't happy with [the leak] cause I don't like those versions. It's stuff that doesn't reflect what we recorded, for the most part, except for the stuff that's just her and an orchestra. That's just right — but as far as the rest of it, it doesn't reflect what I recorded."

The drama never ends on that album. Brion's work is still in place on Kanye West's new album, Late Registration. He talks to MTV about it and Kanye talks about their collaboration in the new issue of Radar. My favorite part of the interview has nothing to do with those Largo types, instead it has to do with one G. Stefani.
Says 'Ye: "That Gwen Stefani song 'Hollaback Girl' was my shit before it was everyone's shit. But she already said it was her shit in the song, so I guess it was bound to be somebody's shit."

And with that, I bid you good night.


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