Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Slam-dancing over a void.

Rockcritic.com's Aaron Aradillas continues his series of exhaustive interviews with film critics, this time with Slate's David Edelstein. The piece is full of great morsels (lots of Pauline talk, politics, an anecdote about debating with Michael Medved), but this little bit reigns supreme. Can you imagine?
"I was a theater guy--a big ham--and went to the same drama camp that's in Todd Graff's Camp. Actually, it was its predecessor, Beginner's Showcase, in Georges Mills, New Hampshire. The clown who ran it (he was literally a clown) became a fugitive from justice and the camp moved to New York and was renamed Stagedoor Manor. Todd was there when I was--he played the Artful Dodger to my Fagin."
Speaking of camp, the title of this post is Edelstein's perfect description of Moulin Rouge!


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