Friday, March 24, 2006

Do it!

You readers of the WCS (all three of you remaining) are witty-ass people; now let your voices be heard. The makers of Snakes on a Plane have been listening to the interweb buzz surrounding their shitastic new Samuel L. Jackson vehicle and have actually added fanboy-submitted dialogue to the final cut. Head over here and make a contribution and/or vote for a line.

My personal favorite: "Motherfucker, I CHECKED the 'NO MOTHERFUCKIN' SNAKES' box when I BOUGHT these mothefuckin' TICKETS to be on this MOTHEFUCKIN' PLANE WITH ALL THE MOTHERFUCKIN' SNAKES ON IT!"


At 7:54 AM, Blogger B.A. Slattery said...

My favorite: "This some ELABORATE shit!"

Every time I think about it, I crack up. I'm laughing right now ... in Internet Lingo, I'd be "LOL."

Feel so dirty writing LOL....

I didn't think I'd get caught up in the hype behind Snakes on a Plane but here I am, hyped and buzzed to the max, waiting eagerly for Samuel L. Jackson to put that last nail in his coffin of crappiness by crap-o-fying a crappy film and gaining legendary crap status for doing so.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger B.A. Slattery said...

We miss you, Ben.

Write more.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

No we don't.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

Every day for the last month I've come to this blog in search of passion, erudition and peals of erotic laughter. Instead I get Keenan or Kel fondling a snake. A whole month, Ben. Don't make me rage against the machine.


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