Monday, April 24, 2006

Now where was I...?

...oh right. I have a blog.
I guess they're good for linking to Wes Anderson's American Express commercial.

(And, of course, both Spence and His Royal Thighness beat me to it. What are you going to do? How 'bout this: my one contribution to the ongoing nerd-deconstruction of the commercial is that guy with the tennis racket... that's Barry Mendel, Wes's tennis-obsessed producer. How ya like me now? How ya like me now?)

Another bit of Anderson clippage, this time of the Paul Thomas varierty: P.T. directs Demo Jail for David Spade's Showbiz Show. Here's hoping There Will Be Blood is better.


At 7:07 PM, Blogger B.A. Slattery said...

That commercial is stupid and so is this post. Gimme more red-meat action!

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Ben said...

Working on it. I promise. Asshole.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger girish said...

The DAY FOR NIGHT vibe is intense!
Ben, you've been away for far too long.
We will await your next 2+2=5.
No pressure.


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