Sunday, June 25, 2006

Girlie so groovy.

I bet you all didn't rush out and buy the 33 1/3 entry on the Pixies' Doolittle like I told you to. That's okay, I ain't madatcha. However, I finished it today and I'm going to bore you with another amazing anecdote.
Another lyrical change [to "Debaser"] was more consequential. When the song was first written, instead of "Un chien andalusia," Thompson [aka Frank Black] sang "Shed, Apollonia!" after Prince's buxom plaything in Purple Rain. As usual, he had a rhyme scheme before he had lyrics, and "Apollonia" fit just as well as "andalusia." (Plus, do you remember the scene where you see those tits?) Thompson thankfully came to realize his cinematic affections lay more with mutilated eyeballs than Morris Day. "I couldn't sing about stripping Apollonia 6, that was just too silly--although I like the idea!" he told Sounds. "It was just too tongue-in-cheek, too like an inside joke. I had to be a little more broad than that."

Again, I can't recommend the Doolittle entry more highly. Aside from Douglas Wolk's exhaustive (and exhausting) monograph on James Brown's Live at the Apollo, this is the best of the 33 1/3 series.


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