Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A peak at the Empire.

A taste of what I babbled about:

Elsewhere, 'Nohla nails it:
“Inland Empire” isn’t a film to love. It is a work to admire, to puzzle through, to wrestle with. Its pleasures are fugitive, even frustrating. The first time I saw it, I was repulsed by the shivers of Lynchian sadism, a feeling doubtless informed by my adoration of the far more approachable, humanistic “Mulholland Drive.” On second viewing, though, “Inland Empire” seemed funnier, more playful and somehow heartfelt. Certainly, there is nothing but love in Ms. Dern’s performance, which is as much a gift to us as to the director who has given this actress her greatest roles. It’s easy to get lost in a David Lynch film, but Ms. Dern and her amazing rubber-band mouth, which laughs like the sun and cries us a river, proves a magnificent guide.


At 6:32 PM, Blogger girish said...

Ben, I really can't wait to see this.
Also: Dave Kehr.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Ben said...

I can't wait to get your take. (I think there's a lot of validity to Kehr's case. I think the film would be a lot more effective if it had a healthy trimming.)

I also love reactions to Manohla's review:

Screenwriter Larry Gross:Pauline Kael became an "important" critic 40 years ago when her review of the then-difficult new American film Bonnie and Clyde, helped that film find a place for itself in the minds and hearts of the mass audience, indeed world wide audiences. MD's effort with Inland Empire, will I fear, have a much tougher time making Lynch's grand but difficult experiment, part of "the national conversation" the way that Kael succeeded in doing, but it deserves to, and in my opinion it deserves to make Manohla Dargis an "important" film critic, beyond the fact of her being employed at the New York Times.

Political Pundit John "JPod" Podhoretz:
Dargis has just published what is, I believe, the single most pretentious review, ever written, in any publication, anywhere, of anything.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Andrew Sullivan mocks Dargis's review, gets his ass handed to him.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Justine said...

I saw this last week, and I don't think a film has ever had as profound an effect on my physical and mental state. It was like living the most awesomely frightening nightmare of my life, and I loved every moment of it. Your comments on it are interesting, although I can't say I necessarily agree because I'm just not a fan of Mulholland Dr.

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