Monday, May 17, 2004

About the name.

As for Josh's assertion that the name of my blog came to me during a third viewing of Troy, I can tell you all: IT'S NOT TRUE.

It came to me during the first viewing of the film. (Which was not too bad, methinks. It was kind of missing, oh, well-rounded characters and psychological heft, but it's a summer movie. So fuck that. And it was exactly 825,000 times better than Gladiator. Plus it's pretty rad when Brad Pitt is all like a scorpion and he's all jumping and then he's all chucking a spear down some dude's shoulder. Seriously rad.)

In all honesty, the name came to me while reading Robert Fagles' scrumtralescent translation of the Odyssey. Well worth a look.


At 11:34 PM, Blogger Joshua said...

Indeed, all cheers to Robert Fagles -- from whose translation of the Iliad I quoted. And, of course, all cheers to the Blind Poet himself --- whose actually may or may not mean "wine-dark"


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