Wednesday, May 26, 2004

In Response to Josh

Josh thinks there's nothing inflammatory about the Rufus quote I posted yesterday. I tend to agree. I didn't post it for its inflammatory content. I posted it 'cause I found it funny and sort of pathetic/naive in the "I-am-an-angry-college-student/member-of-EAGLE*" way.

I mean, Rufus is willing to give up his life in protest at the Republican Convention this fall? Really?

And is the solution to the middle east mess a cum bath? Er, methinks not.

* For those readers unaware (Tim), EAGLE stands for "Emerson [College] Alliance of Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone."

(Which begs the question: if this alliance is for everyone, why is it not EAE? I guess 'cause that sounds like something that would have come out of Darryl Hannah's mouth in Splash and not an organization for Emerson's moody homos. Also, can an alliance be for everyone? I mean, if EAGLE is really for EVERYONE, what are these allies up against? Because all the bigots and hataz and the 700 Club would already be a part of the alliance.)


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